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Be Aware of Frauds

Created Date: 2020-03-05 11:39:32

Recently we found that some fake agents are claiming that they represent ELIC or work for ELIC

and request payments from students, which is ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL.

ELIC staff will only use "" to send you emails. We don't use any other gmail or yahoo mail.

Don't be fooled to give any chance to those frauds

Here are the official contacts

Fiona                    +8618553258853                               

Yolanda                +8618561379725                             

Cathy                    +8618562608068                             

Amy                      +8618661763198                             

Frank                    +8618669759727                              

Amanda               +8615692382857                              

Juliet                    +8615589818719                              

Allen                     +8615589815506                             

Admission Office       +j8618653210800