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2023 University of Science and Technology Beijing

Created Date: 2022-11-18 11:37:27

2023 University of Science and Technology Beijing

About USTB

While officially found in 1952, initially known as the Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel Technology, our university can trace its roots back to the 1890s when the first mining and metallurgy disciplines in the modern history of China were founded by the Beiyang Western Academy. Over the past 60 years the university has grown and evolved, transforming from an engineering-focused institution to a multidisciplinary university with global characteristics.

The University of Science and Technology Beijing is a multi-disciplinary institution dedicated to excellence in teaching and research, preparing its students to take on the challenges of the 21st century. USTB is home to 25,000 students, with nearly half pursuing a graduate degree, and over 1800 teaching faculty. Here students and teachers work together, alongside our many partners in private industry and academic institutions, to engage in cutting-edge research particularly in the fields of materials science and engineering, metallurgical engineering, and mining engineering. With the motto of “seeking truth and endorsing innovation”, USTB is committed to providing quality education and real-world opportunities to future generations of scholars and industry innovators.

English Taught Bachelor Degree Program

Environmental Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
International Economics and Trade(1+3)

English Taught Master Degree Program

Environmental Science and Engineering
Safety Science and Engineering
Information and Communications Engineering
Enterprise Management
International Trade
Management Science and Engineering
Public Administration (Educational Economics and Administration)

Duration & Fees

Bachelor Tuition: CNY 23300/year; Duration: 4 years

Master Tuition: CNY 37600/year; Duration: 2-3 years
Accommodation: CNY 750-1500/month 

Application Time

Autumn Intake Only
From November 1
st to June 15th 2023

1.Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, have attained required language level and degree. 
2.Applicants for bachelor must be under age of 35, have attained high school graduation certificate.
3.Applicants for Master must be under age of 40, have attained a bachelor degree.

Application Materials

1.The photocopy of passport.
2.Graduation certificates must be original of notarized in Chinese or English.
3.Official transcripts up to the present, including courses taken and standard achieved, must be original of Notarized in Chinese or English.
4.Language Proficiency.
5.Physical examination record for foreigner.
6.Financial guarantee letter (The certificate of bank saving).
7.Non-criminal record.
8.Acceptance letter from supervisor (master program applicant).
9.Two recommendation letters from professor or associate professor, including name, title, contacts, must be original in Chinese or English (master program applicant).
10.Personal statement, above 1000 words (master program applicant).
11.Other documents.


Chinese Government Scholarship
Beijing Government Scholarship
USTB Chancellor Scholarship

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