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Why do you choose Food Science and Engineering?

Created Date: 2022-09-06 14:40:39


1. Curriculum and Faculty

Universities will offer high level education. Based on both Chinese and International disciplinal guidelines, student will study subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Food Analysis, Nutrition, Food Engineering, Machinery and Equipment, Food Safety, Case Studies.

2. Internships and Practices

Student will take practices and internship in the international enterprises. Universities has good relations with food and related industries, Coca-Cola, Wahaha, Nongfu Spring, Beingmate.

3. School Fee

For bachelor of Food Science and Engineering program, school fee is about 3000USD per year, and student have chance to get scholarship for tuition deduction!

Career Prospects

Graduates can start their careers in food related areas, job positions such as:

Food Industry Areas

Manufacturing Engineer
Quality Control Engineer
Research and Development Engineer
Marketing and Consulting Services

Governmental and Policy Bodies

Food and Drug Administration
Commodity Inspection
Health and Epidemic Prevention
Import and Export Administration
Industry and Commerce Bureau
Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau

Academic Institutions

Universities and Colleges
Research Centers

Promising further studies in Master's and PhD.

As one of the three pillar industries, the food industry is still facing a serious shortage of talents, especially high-level talents.

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