International Cultural Fiesta IV reaches new higher skies

Created Date: 2017-07-26 16:51:31

After last year’s success, this year again International Cultural Fiesta IV was organized by International Student Union on 20th May 2017 with the event reaching new higher skies. This year 45 countries participated with great enthusiasm and devotion.

The fiesta began with a carnival parade with participants from different countries marching around the SAU campus while wearing their traditional clothes, dancing on marvelous traditional beats and singing their cultural music showing infinite energy.


A huge amount of crowd attended the event, people from all walks of life were part of this festival, crowd was left astonished as they went around the stalls of different countries, as the stalls were decorated and designed by countries with amazing creativity. They also had the chance to taste delicious traditional dishes and drinks, while different cultural artifacts were exhibited to them. They also had chance to take pictures at the red carpet, with flashback of the memorable last year.

(Prof. Shi Guangda declaring the opening of fiesta)

The day program constituted of cultural performances by different countries which amused the crowd. The evening program was a concert which included band performances, fashion show, music, dance and so on. The quality of these performances were top-notch and they left the audience in awe.

(Indian dance)

The best country stall awards were given to the countries which exhibited their culture in the best way. The awards were given on the basis of scrutiny done by respected judges. The winners of the awards were:

First place: Yemen

Second place: Pakistan

Third place: Cambodia

Different media personnel were also present in the event to provide media coverage.

All in all, International Cultural Fiesta IV was successfully able to leave its imprint as an amusing event of enriching multicultural experiences. Culture Fiesta owns a history of being bigger and better with every upcoming year, no wonder one can look forward to an even more exciting one next year.