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2022 East China Normal University Postgraduate Program

Created Date: 2021-11-25 14:39:54

East China Normal University 2022 Admission

Postgraduate Program


About ECNU

Founded in Shanghai in October 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of the most prestigious universities in China sponsored by the national top university construction programs “Project 211” and “Project 985”. In 2017, ECNU was chosen as one of the 36 Class A universities on the list of Double First Class University Plan released by the central government of China. With two beautiful campuses located in Minhang and Putuo districts of Shanghai, and covering a total area of more than 207 hectares, ECNU has long been known as a Garden University.

Since China opened up to the outside world in 1978, ECNU has developed rapidly into a comprehensive research university. At present, the University has 4 faculties, 30 full-time schools, 4 colleges, 8 advanced research institutes, one college of further education, and one national training center for secondary principals. Its 58 departments offer a total of 84 undergraduate programs in humanities, education, science, engineering, economics, management, philosophy, psychology, law, history and art. In addition, the University also offers 30 doctoral programs, 36 master's programs, one professional doctoral program, 21 professional master's programs, and 26 post-doctoral mobile research stations. 

ECNU attaches great importance to internationalization. The university has established exchange and cooperative partnerships with more than 200 internationally renowned universities and academic institutions. As one of the first Chinese universities to carry out international Chinese education, it enjoys a leading position in this field.

Among its 4,000 strong faculty, 1,969 are professors and associate professors, including 18 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering. Currently, the number of full-time undergraduate students is 16,273 and that of graduate students is 18,935. There are also about 1,527 international students studying at ECNU.

Adhering to the university motto of “Seek truth, foster originality, and live up to the name of a teacher”, ECNU has made great achievements in talent-training, scientific research, community service and international exchanges. It has contributed significantly to the development of Chinese basic education and teacher training, accelerated local, as well as national, economic development and promoted scientific and social growth. The development and transformation of the country and the city have offered huge opportunities to the university. ECNU is working steadily towards its goal of transforming itself into a world-class university, with a number of first-class disciplines and well-coordinated discipline development, while also leading the development of China's teacher education.

English Taught Postgraduate Program
Comparative Literature and World Literature
Education Policy Studies
Political Theory
International Relations
International Business - Global Management and China Studies (MA only)
Chinese Philosophy
Study on the Basic Problems of Modern Chinese History
Fine Arts Design

Duration & Fees

Duration 2-3 years
Tuition CNY 35000/year


1.Non-Chinese citizen with a valid foreign passport and in good health, age over 18.
2.Bachelors degree or higher qualification with good grades.
3.Language Proficiency Requirements for English-taught programs applicants(English native speakers are exempted). 

Application Materials

1.The Photocopy of Passport (photo page and China visa page).
2.Bachelor degree in philosophy, law, history or other related fields (final year student can provide a certificate confirming impending graduation).
3.Official academic transcript of undergraduate study written in English or Chinese sealed with official stamps.
4.Authorized Copy of TOEFL/ IELTS for those applicants whose mother tongue or official language is not English.
5.Personal statement with a length of no more than 600 words.
6.Research proposal with a length of at least 1500 words
7.Two confidential recommendation letters written by referees with associate professorship or higher qualifications, issued within the recent 3 months
6.Physical examination report generated within the recent 6 months.
7.Copies of published articles (if have)


1.Chinese Government Scholarship.
2.Shanghai Government Scholarship


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