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Way of Payment

Way 1: Bank Transfer/ TT Transfer

Account Name: ELIC International Education Co. Ltd    

Account No.: 600 999 595

Name of the Bank: China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd.,Qingdao Branch, CHINA


Swift code: MSBCCNBJ027


Remittance information: Put student’s name and Passport number or Date of Birth


Way 2: Western Union (Fast and Safe)

We strongly recommend you to use Western Union to finish the payment; You can go to the nearest Western Union service provider.You are required to complete the form provided and show your government-issued identification card or other supporting documents to the service provider. After having confirmed all the details printed on the receipt are right and true, you will be asked to sign a receipt. One of the details printed on the receipt is your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).Please keep the payment receipt safely, and send the scan to

Beneficiary Information:

Destination Country: China                    First name/Given name: BAOLIANG  

                                                                          Last name/Family name: LI

Way 3 MoneyGram

We also suggest you to use MoneyGram to send money, which is fast and safe. Kindly go to your local MoneyGram branch with your passport Please send back the payment receipt to when you finish the payment. Keep the Reference Number very safely.

Beneficiary Information:

Destination Country: China                    First name/Given name: MENG

                                                                          Last name/Family name: LI


Way 4: Deposit the money in China (Only when you are in China)

If you are already in China, Kindly deposit the money to the following account through bank branch or ATM

Bank of China

Account no.: 6217 8560 0002 9952 677

Account name: 李萌

ABC Bank(Agricultural Bank of China)     

Account no. :6228 4802 4604 9672 966

Account name: 李萌


Way 5 : PayPal 

If you have PayPal Account, you can pay money through PayPal

ELIC PayPal Account: