For your safety and convenience, ELIC recommends you to stay in university accommodation during your time in China. University accommodation is the best way for you to experience student life in China.University accommodation is guarded by security men for 24 hours a day in 7 days a week, which brings you a guarantee for your safety.There are diverse facilities available for a pleasant and comfortable campus life.Generally, the accommodation fee varies from 500-1200 USD per year.Living in campus is the best choice for every international student.As an international student, you normally have two types of university accommodation to choose,every type has their own merits which international students can choose what they really want to live one.

 Elic can help you arrange accommodation which suits international students' request.International students also need to pay attention that dormitories are limited and you are supposed to contact Elic early for booking your accommodation.

Dormitories types are listed as follows:


Single Accommodation



Twin Shared Accommodation


Both single accommodation and twin shared accommodation are equipped with diverse facilities.


Each Kitchen is provided with:·Fridge & Freezer·Microwave·Oven / Hob·Vacuum Cleaner


Each Room is provided with:·Air Conditioner·Bed·Bin·Chair & Desk·Internet Connection·Shelving·Wardrobe.