Shenyang Institute of Engineering Scholarships are Available

Shenyang Institute of Engineering(SIE) is located in the capital of Liaoning Province – Shenyang, a famous historical and industrial city in China. SIE is the consolidation of Shenyang Electric Power Institute and Liaoning Business Vocational Institute, and was approved as a degree granting college under the authority of Liaoning Province by the Ministry of Education. SIE offers 21bachelor degrees and 40 higher vocational diploma programs in the following areas of engineering, economics, liberal arts, management, and law. Among them,4 of the majors offered at SIE are Demonstration Programs among National Higher Engineering Institutions; a further 4 majors are experimental subjects in teaching reform at the state level. SIE is expanding its foreign exchange and cooperation with other institutions and has established friendly interscholastic relationships with 15 foreign universities and educational institutions, such as: Red River College, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology from Canada, ADIUT from France, as well as Murdoch University from Australia. 

SIE provides International Students Freshman Scholarship to welcome and encourage international students from across the world to study at SIE. The scholarship is open for Self-funded undergraduate program and Chinese Language program international students who are going to start to study in SIE in September 2017. All the Students who meet the Admission Qualifications shall apply for the scholarship. Only forty (40) international Students are going to be awarded. Details of scholarships are followed in the forms below.



Tuition Fee





Tuition Fee

(After scholarships deduction)


Fee (After scholarships deduction)











4 years





16,000   Yuan/RMB




650 RMB /Month/Double room

3,000 RMB deduction of tuition fee per year.

2,000 RMB deduction of accommodation fee per year.





13,000 RMB/ year





5800 RMB/ year


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