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Liaoning Shihua University enjoys favorable and high-level teaching and research conditions, with over 2,600 pieces of large or medium-sized advanced instruments and equipment. It also has a high-speed campus network which can be connected with over 2,000 work stations and more than 20 multimedia classrooms (seats totaling 5,900) with advanced apparatus. LIAONING SHIHUA UNIVERSITY attaches much importance to the reform of teaching and the improvement of the staff-training programs. In October, 2001, it obtained a good result in Random Quality Evaluation of Undergraduate Course Teaching as the first experimental unit. 

Liaoning Shihua University is of comparatively high level in terms of scientific and research. In the year of 2000, 15 papers were published in "SCIE", ranking 117 in all the colleges and universities in China,23 in "EI", ranking 58,3 in "ISTP", ranking 124,and 175 in journals and magazines of statistics source in China, ranking 149.

Liaoning Shihua University has developed a good relationship with 12 foreign universities, including Edinburgh University, U.K. and Ufa University of Petroleum Technology, Russia. At present,liaoning Shihua University has developed into a multi- disciplinary university with petrochemistry as its distinctive feature, and Engineering, Science, Economics, Management, Literature, Law and Education as major subjects. 

On August 21,2001,Lilanqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and vice Premier of the State Council, inspected liaoning Shihua University and expressed his positive comment on the styles of the administration of the university and the achievement made in the previous years. He also pointed out the direction to building a modern university in accordance with the needs of the twenty-first century. In the new century, Liaoning Shihua University has set up its grand blueprint: by the end of the Tenth Five-Year Plan, Liaoning Shihua University will be developed into a modern petroleum and chemical university, with its own strengths and features, high teaching and research level and competitive power, which has its foothold in Liaoning Province and keeps in view China, serving petroleum and petrochemical industries as well as the local economic and social development.