Why study in

1. Chinese Teaching with long history

Founded in 1962, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was once named as Beijing Language Institute. It is the only university dedicated mainly to Chinese language and culture teaching for foreign students. It is located in northwest Beijing with various facilities ready to satisfy the demands of students. There are more than 30 well-equipped language labs, including some exclusively-designed ones for phonetic training. Most classrooms are equipped with modern aural comprehension training facilities and all have an air condition. There are  also supporting facilities such as a clinic, a bank, a post office, convenient stores, and several laundries on campus. It is very convenient to go to downtowns.
Aiming at "popularizing Chinese language and promoting Chinese culture", generations of faculties have been working with heart and soul.  BLCU has become an international center for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and a training base for personnel engaging in foreign affairs since 1990s. Disciplines in BLCU cover a wide various fields including literature, economics, law, education, history and engineering.

The diversified cultural atmosphere in BLCU attracts a large number of students from both at home and abroad. Since the establishment of the University, more than 60,000 students from over 160 countries and regions have graduated from BLCU in the past 40 years. Among them, 14 once worked as foreign ambassadors to China and more than 30 are diplomats working in the embassies to China. Moreover, BLCU has produced more than 3,000 qualified graduates who are now playing an active role in the fields of education, diplomacy and the management of foreign affairs. Some of the graduates who have received intensive language training here are now employed in various fields and sectors around China.

2. Advantages of BLCU

* The Leading university in Chinese educational circle  since 1962 
* Over 1425 full time staff including 829 teaching posts 
* International recognition for outstanding academic performance
Focus on  the Chinese language 
* Affordable, accredited and good quality Chinese language programs
* Total Beginner to Proficient classes available
* Short -term programs: 4 to 12 weeks
* Long -term programs: Semester or Academic Year
* Language Exchange Program with native speakers
* Intensive language training classes available
* Free Electives: Concentration on  language and non-language 
* Comprehensive and balanced curriculum covering all aspects of the Chinese language teaching:
reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary
* Total program fees include Tuition, Accommodation, Accommodation Placement, Text
* Books (where specified), Emergency Travel & Medical Insurance, Registration, Placement
* Test, Certificate, Presentation, Welcome Pack, Airport Pickup, and more
* Free guided excursions to famous attractions 
* The BLCU HSK Center provides HSK-consulting service for people in the world

It is realized that language is symbiotic and originates from life; and only through practice could your language skills be improved . Our exclusive running teaching method is helpful for your study Chinese in BLCU, and we also help transfer your theoretical knowledge to your real life by providing daily opportunities to use your new skills.

 3. Why Study in Beijing? 

China's political, cultural, and financial center;

The educational center of China with many top universities;

Advantageous language atmosphere --- Standard Mandarin is based on Beijing dialect;

A city with a history as long as 2,000 years,

A true metropolis with various modern convenience;

An international metropolis city with18 districts and 15 million citizens;

Many places of interests worth of see: temples, parks, museums, palaces, the Great Wall, etc.

Amazing nightlife and slap-up restaurants offering repast in Chinese flavor.

4.Different Language Levels

Total Beginner (Level 0)

Courses for total beginners include Chinese pinyin, basic sentence patterns, Chinese characters, and basic grammar.

Beginner (Level A)

Courses for students who have received some phonetic training, knowing about 800 Chinese words and being able to have simple daily conversations include reading, writing, listening, and speaking, which focus on Chinese pinyin, daily conversation,  listening skills improvement, reading skills training and writing .

Elementary (Level B)

In order to promote the Chinese language level from all-around aspects, Courses for students who are able to have daily conversation, knowing about 1500 Chinese words and basic sentence patterns include listening, writing, reading, and speaking enhancement. The courses mentioned- above provide deeper and wider contents for continuing study of Chinese sentence patterns and grammar, intensive reading exercises, and discrimination of the meaning and usage of words.

Intermediate (Level C)

For students who know at least 2500 Chinese words, and have a systematic knowledge of Chinese grammar, as well as able to converse in daily conversation at a higher level than Level C. Emphasis is put on building listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Extensive drills are also used.

Advanced (Level 5)

 Courses are also set up for students who are able to talk about things in Chinese and deliver simple speeches with a vocabulary of 3500 words.

Proficient (Level 6)

Level 6 enrolls students who are able to express sophisticated ideas with a vocabulary of over 4000 Chinese words.

5. Comfortable Leaning and Living Conditions

Covering an area of 38 hectares, BLCU is located in the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Zone.  It provides a quiet and comfortable learning environment with more than 40 fully equipped language labs and multi-media classrooms among which are some exclusively designed ones for phonetic training. All classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with modern aural comprehension training facilities.

The university attaches importance to both improving student's living conditions and beautifying the environment.  Entering the dorm area, you will have a sense of placing yourself in a garden, for some scenic spots endowed with cultural features have been founded around the dorm area for students to relax .

Internet Café, which facilitates information exchange and keeps people around the world in touch. The student dorms have two types of rooms: hotel-like double and single rooms with airconditioning,bath, land line, color TV, and refrigerator, as well as economic rooms with only land line and color TV. On campus there are several canteens offering western food, Chinese food, fast food and Islamic food, and sports facilities for basketball, volleyball, tennis, football and baseball. In the newly-built gymnasium, there is a swimming pool, fitness centre, gymnasium, several badminton courts and space for table tennis, bowling. There are also supporting facilities a clinic, an ICBC branch, a post-office, a convenient store, and a laundry on the campus. It’s very convenient to go to downtown with buses numbered 331, 375, 398, 810 and 902 availabe. It takes 30 minites from the University to the Beijing airport A more convenient transportation means is the subway which is quite near the university and can take the passengers to any place in the urban area.