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Observing Laws and Regulations

During the study, you must abide by Chinese laws and regulations.

If there are cases against the laws and regulations (theft, robbery, drug abuse & trade, assault, arson, murder, smuggling, drunk and disorderly behavior, sexual abuse, prostitution, fraud, gambling, illegal joyride, traffic accident, illegal residence, etc.), students will be imposed on penalty or administrative punishment (warnings, fines, administrative detention, be ordered to exit within a specific period, deportation, etc.)

Safety Tips

The public order and security in Shanghai is good, but you still need to keep your eyes open and should…

1. take good care of your passport, money and other property. DO NOT carry about passport and large amount of cash. Lock the room door, close the window and turn off water taps and electric switches whenever you leave the room.

2. prepare against fire at any time. Switch off all the electrical appliances before leaving the room. DO NOT smoke while lying in bed and throw cigarette ends casually. DO NOT burn a candle in the lodging place carelessly. Take good care of the extinguishers, DO NOT move at will, nor block the fire passages.

3. bring a contact information card of someone you can get in touch with at any emergencies. He/she could be your guardian, teacher, friend or relatives in Shanghai.

4. go to the regular business places for lodging, buying stuff, eating out or riding and ask for the receipt after the consumption.

5. observe traffic regulations and pay attention to the traffic safety when you’re out. Keep in touch with your relatives or schoolmates while traveling. Try to avoid going out alone at night or after drink. Keep an eye on your passport, money and belonging at any time. Better carry your bag in front of you when you are in a crowd.

6. not put your bag in the front basket or the back spring board while cycling in case of being stolen.

7. not place your schoolbag, clothes, cell phone or wallet casually while in the classroom, dining hall, sport courts or other public places. Better carry around or ask someone to help to take care.

8. be careful of your password while withdrawing money from ATM. If there’s any sudden breakdown, stay where you are and call the number instructed on the machine. However, DO NOT expose your password at any time.

Tips of against the deceiving

1. DO NOT lend your personal ID card or documents, including the passport, Student Card or all-purpose card to the others.

2. DO NOT casually provide your personal information, for example, the living address or telephone numbers to the strangers.

3. DO NOT give your trust easily to the strangers, nor lending your cell phone or money to them.

4. Look out for any unknown calls or unidentified information from the SMS or internet.

5. Look for Work-Study opportunities and internships through regular agencies.

Vehicle Management & Driving Security

1. You must have your own valid driver license and vehicle certificate when you purchase a car. Parking on campus will be charged CNY 6 per hour.

2. Abide by the traffic regulation, no drunk driving, no illegal joyride, no driving on the wrong side, nor run the red light. Drive slowly on campus.

3. Students are not suggested to buy a motocycle because the license is not permitted to issure in urban area.