GDUT Scholarship for International Students

This GDUT Scholarship is offered to attract more outstanding international students to study at GDUT. Applicants with government scholarships are not eligible.

1. Scholarship for Degree Student

(1) Special Scholarship: RMB100000,nominated by the President of GDUT and approved by the Academic Committee of GDUT,will be awarded to international students with outstanding academic performance in the National College Entrance Examination (or the equivalent) especially from the countries along “One Belt and One Road”.

(2) Doctoral Scholarship: RMB40000 per academic year.

(3) Master Scholarship: RMB20000 per academic year.

(4) Undergraduate Scholarship: RMB10000 per academic year.

2. Scholarship for Language Study or IFC Student

1) Source of Scholarship: GDUT Scholarship Foundation

2) Scholarship Types

A. Full Scholarship

Tuition for the first academic year is exempted.

B. Partial Scholarship

50% of the tuition for the first academic year is exempted.

C. Variable Scholarship

Scholarship Amount from RMB500 to RMB1000.

D. Scholarship Allocation

Full and Partial Scholarship will be granted monthly, Variable Scholarship will be granted in one-time.