"Chinese Culture Studies Program for Global Young Scholar 2021" was held at BNU

On November 29, the opening ceremony of "Chinese Culture Studies Program for Global Young Scholar 2021" was held online. The theme of this year's study is "the idea of communality in the perspective of Chinese philosophy". The conference aims to help students understand the wisdom of Oriental philosophy, broaden their academic horizons, improve their academic level, promote their understanding of Chinese traditional culture and contemporary China, and cultivate young leaders interested in Sinological research or Sino-foreign exchanges. The event was hosted by International Confucian Association and Beijing Normal University, and undertaken by Center for Studies of Value and Culture in BNU and the School of Philosophy of BNU.


Li cunshan, vice president and director of the academic committee of International Confucian Association, Xiao Kai, Deputy Secretary General of the Liaison Committee of International Confucian Association, Wu Xiangdong, director of Center for Studies of Value and Culture and Dean of School of Philosophy of BNU, and many other guests attended the opening ceremony of the seminar.

At the opening ceremony, Fawad Ullah from Pakistan spoke as a student representative. He said that since the 21st century, the importance of Chinese language and culture has been increasing all over the world, because learning Chinese language and culture has increasingly become a world academic trend. During his study in BNU, he learned a very important concept "community" in the Chinese context. Through the guidance of the teacher of the Institute of Chinese Philosophy in the School of Philosophy, he gradually realized that the traditional Chinese thoughts of Confucianism and Taoism were not just a popular concept, but had a profound connotation of internal philosophy. He believes that today's world is facing many challenges such as environmental warming, and many of the wisdom of Chinese sages can be used for reference by today's world.

The lecturers of this program are composed of 7 well-known scholars from 6 universities around the world: Anle Zhe, Professor of Peking University, Liu Xiaogan, Professor of Beijing Normal University, Luo Yana, Professor of Ljubljana University, Mei Qianli, Professor of Sun Yat-sen University, Bei Danning, Professor of Shandong University, Peng Guoxiang, Professor of Zhejiang University, and Dr. David Bartosch, Professor of Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai. At the same time, Jiang Limei, associate professor of Center for Studies of Value and Culture in BNU, and Dr. Cui Xiaojiao and Zhu Lei served as academic tutors to organize students to have online discussions. Nearly 80 young scholars from 34 countries and regions participated in the seminar online.


The seven scholars will give lectures on the four sub themes of "what is the 'community'," physical and mental cultivation and self-identity "," family harmony and social communication "and" nation-state and great harmony in the world ", so as to fully demonstrate the philosophical core of Oriental civilization, especially the broad spirit of Confucianism. After the lecture, students will discuss in groups under the guidance of academic tutors, and complete thesis writing on the basis of full communication.

This five-day Program will show the philosophical core of Chinese culture and its broad and profound wisdom crystallization through professional lectures, group discussions, student debates and other forms of curriculum activities, and jointly start a cultural and academic journey through rich and diverse curriculum activities such as cultural experience and achievement display.