University Introduction

    Shenyang Institute of Engineering(SIE) is located in the capital of Liaoning Province – Shenyang, a famous historical and industrial city in China.SIE is the consolidation of Shenyang Electric Power Institute and Liaoning Business Vocational Institute, and was approved as a degree granting college under the authority of Liaoning Province by the Ministry of Education in April 2003. The total area of the campus is 920,000 square meters. The buildings on site cover 270,000 square meters. Its fixed assets are valued at 720 million RMB. It is a poly-technical, open and practical university focusing on engineering education, with a harmonious balance between bachelor degree granting education and higher vocational training.
    There are 10professional teaching departments and 6 teaching divisions. SIE offers 21bachelor degrees and 40 higher vocational diploma programs in the following areas of engineering, economics, liberal arts, management, and law. Among them,4 of the majors offered at SIE are Demonstration Programs among National Higher Engineering Institutions; a further 4 majors are experimental subjects in teaching reform at the state level. The students of SIE come from 29 provinces and regions all over China. The total enrollment is more than 15,000. The graduates of SIE are favored by employers because of their abilities, attitude and strong practical skills. They serve not only in Liaoning Province but in all of China in the areas of electric power, equipment manufacturing and modern services.
    There are 939 staff at SIE. Among them, 500 are teaching staff, 45% of whom have a senior professional title. 68% of the teaching staff have post-graduate degrees. SIE has excellent academic facilities, and strong scientific research capabilities. It has one Engineering Technology Center at state level, one atthe provincial level and one at the municipal level. It also has two key laboratories at provincial level and 5 key laboratories at municipal level.Liaoning Solar Energy R& D Co., Ltd. has been confirmed as a post-doctorate workstation. There are 65 conventional and Foundation laboratories,20 experimental and practice facilities within the campus as well as 55 practice facilities outside the campus.SIE is proud of its 6 top-level training systems, such as the 600MW Simulated Thermal Power System and the Turbine Speed Adjustment System, which are valuedat more than 1 million RMB each. Since the consolidation in the year of 2003,SIE has been awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress once. SIE also has obtained 4 patents, 1 practical new patent at state level and 3 research projects at state level. The pamphlet Solar PV technical RegulationSIE published is the first of its kind in China. SIE has established a first-class information technology network on campus. The library contains more than 20,000square meters and a collection of 800,000 books.
    SIE is expanding its foreign exchange and cooperation with other institutions and has established friendly interscholastic relationships with 15 foreign universities and educational institutions, such as: Red River College, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology from Canada, ADIUT from France, as well as Murdoch University from Australia.