The International Student Building/International Student Dormitory is a fourteen-floor apartment. The first floor is a teaching area. College of International Education occupies the second floor, the third to twelfth floors are student’s apartments, whereas the thirteenth and fourteenth floors are foreign teacher’s apartments.

Accommodation Fee

Room Type

Double Room


Room Facilities

South Section

(Sea View)


Bathroom, Shower, TV, Electric Fan, Furniture, Internet, Air Conditioner

North Section

(City View)


Short Stay(30-89 days)


Temporary Stay(<30days)


Room Deposit: 1,000


1.Room deposit is refundable at check-out if there is no room damage.

2.A minimum of six-month rent is charged to long-term students at check-in.

3.The electricity fee is CNY 0.55/KWH and is subject to change by government. Students however have a monthly free offer of 60 KWH.

4.Room central heating is free of charge in winter.

5.Students pay their own internet access fee.

6.Short and temporary stay students pay for water and electricity worth the amount used.

7.Six double rooms on the east and west end on floors 3 to 12 cost an extra fee of CNY 5/day and CNY 100/month due to their larger space compared with regular double rooms.

8.Reception phone number: +86-532-86981192



Reception (24 hours open)