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Business Administration

Jiangsu University

Business Administration

Tuition Fee RMB 20,000/year
Starting Date March 2017
Language English
City Zhenjiang
ELIC Service Fee 1000 USD
Degree Awarded Bachelor Degree
Application Deadline January 2017
Duration of Study 4 years

Major Description: This major aims at cultivating the high-level management talents with good knowledge structure of Management, higher management quality and stronger innovation competence, familiar with policies and regulations of enterprise management, who are fit for the management post in the enterprises, institutions and department of administrative management., and suitable for management research in the research academies and institutes.This major belongs to the first brand majors of Jiangsu University and the brand major ofJiangsu Province. This major conducts chiefly the teaching and training in terms of the main functions of business enterprise management such as site management, organization management, marketing management, financial management, human resource management, international enterprise management, etc as well as the application of computer and information technology in order to demonstrate the professional characteristics of our major and enable the students to find employment of management system development, integrated management, planning management, quality management, management training, engineering project analysis, etc.

Eligibility requirement for foreign applicants

Be in good health condition, which accords with the Health Standard for International Students stipulated by the China Education Department.

Have senior high school diploma and good academic record.

Have basic Chinese language ability for non-English courses.

Have good moral character and obey the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and regulations of the university. Respect Chinese social customs and habits.

Applicants who apply for bachelor programs conducted in English should have certain English proficiency. 


Required Documents for Foreign Applicant

    A. Application Form for Degree Study Learner in Jiangsu University

    B. One copy of passport (the photo page)

    C.One copy each for your high school certificate and transcript

    D.One copy of General Health Examination Record

    E.Certificate of your family financial situation background