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International Business/Economy/trade/marketing

Liaoning Shihua University

Business Administration

Tuition Fee RMB 18,000/year
Starting Date March 2017
Language English
City Fushun
ELIC Service Fee 500 USD
Degree Awarded Bachelor Degree
Application Deadline January 2017
Duration of Study 4 years

Major Description:  This program is to cultivate innovative, practical and all-round professionals who are familiar with Chinese and international commercial culture and rules, understand the primary principles of operation in both Chinese and international business, and acquire the knowledge of business management, market investigation, commercial information utilization and human resources management in the field of international business.

Students of this program must have a mastery of theories and practical skills on the international trade, equip themselves with necessary knowledge for the international trade activities including basic theories, professional know-how, work ethics and professional skills, and be capable of analysis and development of the international markets, negotiation and promotion of import and export, implementation of import and export contracts, international business negotiation and correspondence, and international economic cooperation.

Applicant Criteria: Applicants should be over 18 years old with good health.

Applicants should possess academic credentials equivalent to those of Chinese senior high school standards

Application Materials

a. Foreign Student Application Form
b. Duplicated copies of passport and ID card
c. Foreigner Physical Examination Record (X visa applicant only)