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International Business/Economy/trade/marketing

Shenyang Aerospace University

International Economics & Trade

Tuition Fee RMB 20,000/year
Starting Date March 2017
Language English
City Shenyang
ELIC Service Fee 500 USD
Degree Awarded Bachelor Degree
Application Deadline January 2017
Duration of Study 4 years

Major Description: Students in this major should systematically master the basic theory of economic, international trade, the basic knowledge and practical skills of international business, understand the situation of international trade development, familiar with rules and policies of international trade and regulations of foreign trade in China, understand the social economy situation in the main countries or regions. Graduates can engage in business, management, marketing plan or research in foreign economic department, foreign enterprises and government institutions.

Admission Requirements:

1. Under the age of 25, a high school graduate or with equivalent qualification, 
2. Able to take courses in Chinese (passing the 3th level HSK), or to major in Aeronautical Engineering, International Economics and Trade, Telecomunications Engineering or Mechanical Engineering (taught at SAU in the English medium).

3. All applicants must be in good health. 

Application Materials

1. certified copies of the data page and one blank visa page of your passport
2. completed application form
3. certified copies of your highest degree certificate and transcripts

4. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners

5. 2-inch color photo

6. Apart from the above materials, self-financed students are required to provide proof of their solvency by their agent in China or other financial warranty.

7. The above materials should be written in English or in Chinese, or attach a translation in either of the two languages. Relevant forms are available from Chinese Embassies, consulates or SAU.