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MBBS/Clinical Medicine

Hebei North University

Clinical Medicine/ MBBS

Tuition Fee RMB 14,000/year
Starting Date September 2017
Language English
City Zhangjiakou
ELIC Service Fee 500 USD
Degree Awarded Bachelor Degree
Application Deadline August 2017
Duration of Study 6 years

Note: 1st year fee is about 6000 $ , 2nd - last year, 2500 $ per year.

MBBS program is conducted in a way to create a favorable and most conducive learning atmosphere with a total duration of six (6) years including internship.

In Hebei North University, the MBBS program is not only conducted on academic basis for immense benefits but we go a long way to promote rich cultural exchange and cooperation among medical universities around the globe.HebeiNorthUniversityis one of the few if not the only institution, which places more emphasis on improving the teaching quality of the university. At present we hold the highest number of foreign students with a total population of 1008 students from 10 different countries. The university provides provisional degree to students who opt to do their internship in their own country.