About Life in China

A: Normally, most of the universities do not establish the entrance examination to the applicant.

A: Most of the universities do not need IELTS OR TOEFL for the application.

A: As for the bachlor, the requirement are: Healthy body state...

There are only 5 Steps in ELIC  Application System, which are easy to complete within a few minutes, and 2 more Steps after you get admitted by university to study in china.

Please be a little patient and follow our guidance. In each step, you only need to finish the compulsory fields(*)

After you finished the registration, you can login your ELIC account to finish the online application procedures.

Step 1. Finish Online Application Form

Click "Online Application Formin left hand, you need to fill the online form based on your passport or ID card information. All required information is on your passport or ID card. If you don't know how to fill, your parents can be helpful. 


Step 2. Download Application Documents

Click "Download Forms" in left hand, you need to download these documents , ELIC Application Form, Curriculum Vitae, Sponsorship Letter, Letter of Guarantee, Physical Exam Form. Please print and fill these forms very carefully, then send the scans of these documents to your ELIC Consultants, If you don't have one, send the scans to admission@elic.com.cn.


Step 3. Confirm Your University and Course

Please keep your phone turned on, and check your email regularly. You will get the reply from ELIC Admission Office within 48 hours. And you will know if you can qualify the course you've applied or not. If you can qualify, then you can move to next step, if not, you can follow your ELIC admission officer, He or She will help you apply for another university.


Step 4. Make a Payment

 Due to we have too many applicants from all over the world, we will ONLY process the applications after getting your application fee. You will find the Ways of Payment . After you finish the payment, please send the payment receipt to service@elic.com.cn . Then we will process your application immediately 


Step 5.  Wait for your Admission Letter and Visa Letter (JW 202 Form)

Normally, Admission Letter could be issued within 3-5 working days. and the Visa Letter could be issued within 7-15 working days. Please login your ELIC account regularly, and keep in touch with your ELIC Consultants. We will show you the scans before we post.


Step 6. Confirm your postal address and Get DHL tracking number

After your Admission Letter and Visa Letter being issued, Click  "Mail Address" , put your postal address carefully, . And also you will get DHL Tracking Number, which will be displayed in our account with shipments information.


Step 7. Get Admission Letter and Visa Letter 

You will receive DHL documents within 5-7 days, and go to Chinese Embassy for Visa application.. 

Yes, But ELIC only provide self sponsored programs and some partial scholarships programs. 

So ELIC students need to pay university fees in China. 

There are Chinese Government Scholarships, Local Province or City Scholarships and University Scholarships. 

If students study very hard and have excellent exam in their university life. Students could be awarded university

scholarships from 2nd year.

Yes. ELIC has some partial scholarships programs every year. Students can apply for these 

partial scholarships. 

ELIC Admission Service provides students with Admission Letter, JW202 form, which will be posted to 

students through DHL courier service.

Normally, Admission letter will be ready in 3-5 working days. JW202 form(Visa Letter) will be ready in 

10-20 working days. 

Normally, it will cost 500 US Dollars. 

Application fee 150$, Processing fee 50$, JW202 and Visa consulting 250$, DHL fee 50$

The price for ELIC VIP Service is 1000 US Dollars.But it is optional.  VIP service will be provided to students 

in the following 4 or 6 years in China. 

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