Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) has set up the “The Special Scholarship for Nursing Studies” for international students in order to promote the development of higher education of international students.


Qualified and Excellent foreign students who wish to undertake full time study in the program of Nursing Studies in Xuzhou Medical University.

CRITERIA & Requirement

1. Application qualification: Refer to Enrollment Prospectus of Nursing Studies Program.

5. Applicants cannot be recipients of other scholarships offered by government, University or other organizations simultaneously.

6. The students are obliged to complete the required study and obtain the degree granted by XZMU. If the student quits the study due to his/her personal reasons, XZMU has the rightdemand the student to refund all the issued scholarship, and terminate his/her scholarship qualification.


1. Scholarship for New Students (First year at admission)

1.1 First-class scholarship: CNY 25000, 20% of freshman

1.2 Second-class scholarship: CNY 20000, 30% of freshman

1.3 Third-class scholarship: CNY 15000, 50% of freshman

2. Scholarship for Undergraduate Students (Second to fourth year)

2.1 First-class scholarship: CNY 25000

Top 10% of all students.

2.2 Second-class scholarship: CNY 20000

Another 30% of all students.

2.3 Third-class scholarship: CNY 15000

Remaining 50% of all students.

Tuition of Nursing Studies Program: CNY 30000 per year.