University Introduction

Since 1998,Kunming medical university has enrolled and trained over 900 international students from 37 different countries, such as, USA, France, UK, Australia, Thailand, Laos, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tanzanian, Zambia, Togo, Cameroon, Brazil, Maldives, and other countries.
International Education School of Kunming Medical University was founded in October 2011, consisting of general affair office, office of student management and enrollment, office of teaching affairs, and Chinese language teaching and research group.
Programs of International Education School include MBBS program, Chinese government scholarship program, Yunnan government scholarship program, Vietnam Dian Bien Phu scholarship program, Lao’s ministry of health scholarship program and China Southern Power Grid company scholarship program. Educational options for international students include Docter’s Degree programs, Master’s Degree programs and Bachelor's Degree programs for academic degrees, further medical education and Chinese education. The English-medium program is MBBS. The Chinese-medium Bachelor's Degree programs include 27 majors. Master’s Degree programs are mainly in 6 first-level disciplines, including clinical medicine, dentistry, basic medicine, public health, pharmacy, and nursing. The doctoral program is mainly related to clinic medicine. Besides, we also provide Chinese language study for international students.
As one of the youngest School of Kunming Medical University, International Education School will endeavor to build our University as a high-level medical university opening up to South and Southeast Asia, based on the time-honored history and culture of our University and its rich experience of medical education.