University Introduction

Founded in 1947, with former name of Kanto Medical School, Dalian Medical University was incorporated into Dalian University in 1949 and named Medical School of Dalian University. It was separated from Dalian University in 1950 and named Dalian Medical School. In 1969, it was immigrated to Zunyi, Guizhou Province and called Zunyi Medical School. While Dalian Medical School was reestablished in the original address in 1978 and renamed as Dalian Medical University in 1994. Now it has been a medical university with main feature of medicine education and comprehensive development of several subjects including science, engineering, management, art, law and philosophy, etc.

It is located at No. 9 of the west section of South Lvshun Road, Dalian, Liaoning Province, occupying an area of 1,510,000m2, with a construction area of 532,000 m2. Fixed assets of the school achieves 2.013 billion Yuan, among which total value of educational and research instruments is as high as 0.316 billion Yuan. The library comprises about 1,010,900 volumes. It totally has 21 colleges (departments) , 18 affiliated hospitals and 23 undergraduate programs.

Now it has 1 national key discipline, 15 provincial key disciplines; 4 Liaoning provincial university first-class characteristic disciplines; 4 first level discipline doctorate degree authorization units, 9 first level discipline master’s degree authorization units; 4 centers for post-doctoral studies; 1 innovation team of the Ministry of Education, 9 innovation teams of Liaoning institutes of higher education; 7 national key clinical specialties and 23 undergraduate majors. Clinical medicine of our school has been ranked top 1% of ESI global institutional rankings for 5 years since 2012.

Main campus of the school has more than 1,300 permanent teaching and administrative staff. It has 1 national “Thousand Talents Plan” candidate, 4 distinguished professors of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” of the Ministry of Education; 4 holders of “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 1 leading pioneer of national “Ten Thousand Talent Program”, 5 candidates of New Century National Talent Project, 1 candidate of national “Youth Thousand Talent Project”, 2 holders of “National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars”, 2 national middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions, 5 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions of Ministry of Health, 3 candidates of “New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan” of Ministry of Education, 75 experts enjoying the State Council special allowance; 17 “Climbing Scholars” of Liaoning institutes of higher education, and 28 Distinguished Professors of Liaoning Province. Teaching and administrative staff and medical personnel are totally more than 8,600 in the university, among which more than 800 are of senior professional title and almost 900 are of vice senior professional title, Doctoral tutor of more than 160 people,postgraduate and doctoral supervisors are more than 1,300.

It has more than 14,000 full-time students, including more than 4,500 postgraduates, 8,200 undergraduates and 1,300 overseas students.

The university is the first batch of experimental unit of national “Outstanding Doctor Education & Training Project”, currently , it has 3 national characteristic specialty construction center, 1 comprehensive reform experimentation major, 1 talent training mode innovation experimental area, 2 college students practice education bases, 2 experiment teaching demonstration centers, 4 Teaching Achievement Awards, 1 bilingual teaching demonstration course. It has 5 provincial-level demonstration majors, 3 comprehensive reform experimentation majors, 1 key supporting major, 1 innovation education reform experimental major, 1 curriculum system internationalization experimental major, 1 college students innovation practice education base, 6 college students practice education bases, 6 experiment teaching demonstration centers and 4 virtual simulation experiment teaching centers, in addition, it has 18 prominent educators, and 6 teaching teams, as for the Higher Education Achievement Award, it has 13 first prizes, 28 second prizes and 21 third prizes, and for the outstanding achievement award for Educational Research, it obtains 4 second prizes and 18 third prizes, it has 17 exquisite courses, 2 exquisite video open class, 8 exquisite resource sharing classes, 2 bilingual teaching demonstration courses and 5 excellent teaching materials. During the period of the 12th “Five Year Plan”, it has participated in compilation of 270 planning teaching materials beyond the provincial and ministerial level, among which 38 as chief editor, 47 as vice chief editor and 185 as editor.

It has more than 30 science and technology platform including national-level international joint research center, national-level international science and technology cooperation base, Liaoning Province university major science and technology platform and Liaoning Province translational medicine research center, etc. During the period of the 12th “Five Year Plan”, it has undertaken more than 670 national and provincial & ministerial level projects , among which more than 310 are 863 plan project, 973 plan project, national science and technology major project and project of National Natural Science Foundation ; news report which is completed by Dalian Medical University and SCI papers published with Dalian Medical University as the first author are as much as 1802, 12 are rated as ESI highly cited papers. It has obtained 65 scientific rewards beyond provincial and ministerial level, and applied for 88 invention patents. It also sponsors 3 academic journal of “Journal of Dalian Medical University”, “Medicine & Philosophy” and “Chinese Journal of Microecology”.

The university vigorously promotes education internationalization and widely carries out domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation, it has established friendly cooperation relationship on teaching, scientific research, medical care and talent training with more than 100 universities from 30 countries and regions, including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Russia and Japan, etc. With approval of the Ministry of Education, it has successfully conducted “Sino-America Educational Cooperation Project on Master of Public Health” with Benedictine University in 2012 and two sessions of students have been recruited up to now.

Inheriting the history and creating the future. All teachers and students will always adhere to the motto of “inquisitive, practical, benevolent and compassionate” and school spirit of “united, rigorous, realistic and innovative”, we will pay more attention to the quality of the university as the core and strive for the great goal of an advanced and internationally famous medical university in the future.