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Corporate Responsibility

As a well-known enterprise in Chinese serving industry, ELIC always attaches much importance to its corporation social responsibility. An old Chinese saying goes “Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the nation.” Here everyone refers not only to individuals but also to enterprises. As a member of the sociaty, our corporation is responsible for the development and prosperity of the country as well, which is the basic reason why corporation social responsibility is of great concern to us.

ELIC never regard being self-interested as the sole objective. Beside making profits for the company, we've also made effect to bring benefits to the whole society. At first, we are able to shoulder social ecnomic responsibility and faciliate exchanges between China and the aboard by providing the first-class service to every foreign client so that clients of all trades can do their business, travel and study in China conveniently and smoothly. Because of our enthusiasm and professionalization, every client will be content with the help they get from ELIC. Such a win-win result is our ultimate goal.

Secondly, ELIC shows great care to its employees. Our company cherish every talented people who works hard for the company regardless of his or her age, gender, education backgroud with working capability as its major evaluation criterion. Employees are able to enjoy perfect financial treatment including reasonable salary and complete insurances. Each year, they also enjoy free medical check-up, various cultural and sports activities and free travelling. Working in this dynamic and promising company, every employee is encouraged to give full play to their earnest, creative and enthusiastic working spirits.

In its industry sector, ELIC takes lead in observing laws and disciplines among many service companies. It runs all businesses according to the Environmental Protection Law, Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers, the Labor Law and other economic laws. Ethnic issues is of equal importance to laws. Every employee of our corporation is required to serve clients with real and effective information.Good quality is the core competitiveness and honesty is the soul of our corporation.